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Madan Krishna Shrestha Delivering Speech in Salme Danda

Madan Krishna Shrestha Delivering Speech in Salme Danda

Mass funeral rites for 60,000 Gurkha soldiers who died while serving the British empire in the first and second world wars concluded in Fedikhola VDC, Salmedanda of Syangja district on Thursday.

The three-day funeral ceremony organised by Gurkha Ex-servicemen Organisation (GAESO) in commemoration of the Gurkha soldiers killed or missing in action in the two world wars had started on the banks of the Fedikhola on Tuesday.

“The mass funeral rites was organised to pray for the souls of those Gurkhas soldiers who died fighting for the British. They were forgotten despite their sacrifice. The ceremony was organised so that their souls could rest in peace,” said President of GAESO Padam Bahadur Gurung.

Noted artists Madan Krishna Shrestha and Haribamsha Acharya were also present at the ceremony.

GAESO says that around 60,000 Gurkhas were killed during the two world wars, but the British government has neither honoured them nor given relief to a majority of the families of Gurkha soliders who died serving the British empire.

After the cremation were carried out as per the respective social tradition of 18 ethnic communities present there, GAESO also decided to start construction of the proposed Gurkha Memorial at Salmidanda from November 27.

It is learnt that the Gorkha monument to be constructed in the site will require an estimated cost of Rs 100 million.

In addition to this a Gorkha museum, Gorkha tower and Gorkha pillar would also be constructed in the three ropanis of land in the site with an estimated cost of three billion rupees, according to GAESO.

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