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गेसो रजत उत्सव

सबैलाई कार्यक्रममा स्वागत छ ।

सबैलाई कार्यक्रममा स्वागत छ ।

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  • Michelle Ingram Cowan

    Hello,my name is Michelle Ingram Cowan.Recently I’ve been in Nepal seaking for my father :Bill Lee,a half cast belonging to the Gurung cast.I’ve been to Kathmandu-Pokhara-Dharan,in my travel I met Mr JP Cross,an english Gurkha,staying in Nepal since 1949.He remembered meeting a man who said his father was a half cast between english and nepalese and that he was a Gorkha.I remember my mother saying that my father had left her his kukry,at the time it didn’t mean anything to me,not knowing he must have left a sign of his search.
    Please,does anyone know about him?can you tell me when and where the next Gorkha annual meeting will be?You can also find me on facebook.My phone number is: 0039 3384901396.Thank you and have a nice day.Michelle (LEE)

    • quiry

      try to search in british gurkha welfare service in aldershot. they will find the record most probably! good luck!!


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